Skövde Basketballcup 2015 have decided to approve a maximum of 2 exemptions in every age group execpt for the youngest group 03/04.

To apply for an exemption you need to do so in advance and in writing, using the system. When you enter your players the system will detect over age players. It is up to the coach/team manager to motivate and apply for the exemptions.

The list of exemptions is to be printed and shown to the referee, opponents and secretariat before every game. The coach/team manager is circle th nr on the protocol of the player/players given the exemptions.

A maximum of one exempt player is allowed on the court.

The head referee decides if the exemption has been used properly. If he/she deems it improperly used, the team risk forfeiting th game and a loss of 20-0 will be reccorded.