Cup Office - Arena Skövde

Adress:Egnells väg 1.

Map link: y

This is were you register upon arrival at the tournament on Friday and recieve information and your cup card.

We open at 11.00 Friday Maj 1:st

Phone nr 0729-759281 NOTE this nr only applies during the tournament from Friday 11.00 - Sunday afternoon. The rest of the time you can contact S:t Helena Basketball with all your questions regarding the Skövde Basketcup on nr 0500-41 53 18

In the Arena Skövde:

The disiplinary committe is situated. This committe handles alls complaints and protests that are submitted during the tournament.

During Saturday and Sunday Skövde Basketcup T-shirts and hoodies will be for sale in the Arena (second floor)

Our partner 2win will be selling all other basketball merchandise on the second floor in the Arena